Signs of Life in Tv summary

Signs of Life in Tv summary - the plots and in the female...

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Barbara Greco March 23 rd , 2008 Dr. Mannino English Summary: Signs of Life on TV In the essay “Signs of Life on TV” by Susan Douglas, she reports her findings on the way television programs reflect American women. Susan Douglas discusses that working mothers have limited television programs to watch once they get their family to bed. Douglas states that, “women were starved for some good escapist drama that takes you somewhere else yet resonates with real life and has ongoing characters” (271). Douglas argues that women are tired of seeing shows not related to strong women. Douglas uses evidence from three shows; NYPD Blue, ER, and Chicago Hope. She explains that all three of these shows are focused on strong women and emotional men. Douglas also explains that males have sensitive emotional sides as well. Women are interested in watching intersecting story lines that ER and NYPD Blue include. Douglas states that from dramatic TV shows there are, “a blend of feminism and antifeminism in
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Unformatted text preview: the plots and in the female characters, and the male characters has an updated hybrid of masculinity” (272). Although women are portrayed in these dramatic TV shows, they are still taking a backseat to the men. Douglas says that, “we rarely see women actually doing their job…they’re still the weaker sex” (272). Women are used in tragic and humiliating scenes and women are told not to say what they feel: if they say what they feel they are seen as a bitch. Douglas discusses that a major theme of all three shows is that heterosexual relationships are disasters and it’s the women’s fault. The Male side is always taken into consideration first by the audiences. Females aren’t portrayed in a good way most of the time anyway, and if they are its usually unrealistic. Douglas concludes with stating that, “TV depicts “real men” being feminized for the better and women masculinized for the worse” (274)....
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Signs of Life in Tv summary - the plots and in the female...

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