The effects of the Internet on society

The effects of the Internet on society - The effects of the...

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The effects of the Internet on society With over 1.2 billion people connected to the Internet, there is no question that the Internet has become an important part of society (“World Internet”). As a computer information systems major and web enthusiast, I am fascinated with the realm of unending information and innovation that is called the Internet. The way it has revolutionized communications, expanded business, and pushed its way into the lives of consumers has made it an important resource that has had major impacts on society. The Internet was first discussed by a man name J.C.R. Licklider at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1962, who “envisioned a globally interconnected set of computers through which everyone could quickly access data and programs from any site. In spirit, the concept was very much like the Internet of today” (“A Brief”). This concept was developed by the government, with Licklider at the head of the development. Eventually, the Internet was born as ARPANET, which was very limited in its capabilities. It has since changed into a phenomenal resource available to increasing numbers of people because of improvements in technology. It has grown from sending small packets of data at a snail’s pace to transferring exorbitant amounts of data at lightning-fast speeds while changing the world at a comparable pace. From giant computers that could take up whole rooms, down to pocket PCs and laptops, access to the Internet is becoming easier every day. This ease of access has revolutionized business and how it is done. Before the Internet was created, business information had to be exchanged over the phone or letters had to be written and mailed. The phone and mail are still being used today but are greatly supplemented by the
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Internet’s instant access to and sharing of information. This allows businesses to increase productivity by allowing collaboration on documents or projects, reducing travel time by holding video conferences, and having access to centralized and always up-to-date information. Another productivity boost is that of widespread access to the Internet; traveling on business now means that employees are working while traveling, not just getting paid to travel. "The fact that a business traveler can do almost everything while traveling that he or she can do in the office is a major step in increasing business productivity," says the vice president of sales and marketing of the American Small Business Travelers Alliance (qtd. in Hoskins). Business has moved out of the office while
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The effects of the Internet on society - The effects of the...

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