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PPE Class 02:12:39 Psychology seeks to Describe, Understand, Predict, and Influence the behavior of individuals o Order matters!! Psychology spends a lot of time trying to predict psychology Three traditions in psychology o Experimental o Differential o Developmental Personality is a part of you that isn’t super changing 3 levels of personality analysis o Human nature Characteristics that all humans have The study or approach that talks about how we are all the same o Individual and group differences Talks about the differences between groups and individuals o Individual uniqueness Not many take this approach Human nature o How we are “like all others” o Traits and mechanisms of personality that are typical of our species and possessed by nearly everyone o All of us learn how to talk, read, drive, etc Individual uniqueness
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o How we are “like no other” o Individual uniqueness refers to the fact that every individual has personal and unique
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Unformatted text preview: qualities not shared by any other person in the world o Individuals can be studied nomothetically or ideographically. Jc alvarez, diane trainor, Orlando Fernandez, mr canella, devon alvarez Loud, control freak, jerk Eat a lot, lazy Like car > chilled out A fissure in the field o Gap within personality psychology has not yet been successfully bridgedthe gap and the analysis of individual and group differences Modern psychology focuses on how we are different from one another. Grand theories of personality o Like Freud, tells whole picture about how and why people are they way they are. The goal was to be inclusive o Skinners theory claimed to cover everything o The problem is that modern psychology focuses on why we are different from one another Personality is guided by the six domains of knowledge...
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PPE_Notes_1.9.08 - qualities not shared by any other person...

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