PPE_Notes_1.11.08 - All the traits I think I need to have...

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PPE Class 01:59:01 Dispositional o Deals with the ways that individuals differ from one another Biological o Humans are collections of biological systems which provide the building blocks for behavior, thought, and emotion Intrapsychic o Deals with mental mechanisms of personality Cognitive-experiential o Focuses on cognitive and subjective experiences Social and cultural o Assumption that personality is effected by social and cultural context Adjustment o Personality is when in the ways we adapt to everyday life. Bipolar trait: when the thing on the top has a different title than the thing on the bottom o Introversion on the bottom and extroversion on the top is bipolar
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Unformatted text preview: All the traits I think I need to have to capture all the parts of personality that are important o Probably a # between 2 and 12 o These traits need to be independent of each other. Extraversion, emotionality, agreeability, aggression, neuroticism, openness, intelligence Theories in personality o Theory A set of related assumptions that permit scientists to use logical deductive (i.e., from the general to the specific) reasoning to formulate testable hypotheses. o Hypothesis An educated guess or prediction specific enough for its validity to be tested through the use of the scientific method....
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PPE_Notes_1.11.08 - All the traits I think I need to have...

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