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PPE_Notes_1.16.08 - direct measures of someone’s...

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PPE Class 03:08:32 The whole point of correlation coefficient is: correlation can span the distance of -1 and +1. o If you have a high correlation of .8, you would say that Low scores on X are associated with low scored on Y, vice versa, to a substantial extent. o Low correlation of -.8 would mean that low scored on X are associated with high scored on Y, vice versa. o If the correlation is 0, there is no correlation between the two. O-Data o Naturalistic vs. Artificial Observation Naturalistic: observers witness/record events that occur in the normal course of lives of the participants. Artificial: occurs in artificial settings T-Data o In personality research, test data are all more of observation data, so done worry about it too much o T-data seems to be a combo of self observation and observer – report data Physiological data o Doesn’t really measure your standing or psychological or personality variables, not
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Unformatted text preview: direct measures of someone’s extraversion, etc. o Key benefit is that it is difficult to fake responses o Disadvantages Often used in artificial laboratory setting Accuracy of recording hinges on whether participant perceives situation as experimenter intended. • Life-Outcome Data (L-Data) o Information that can be gleaned from events, activities, and outcomes in a person’s life that is available for public scrutiny—e.g., marriage, speeding tickets o Can serve as important source of “real life” information about personality. Isings said, someone who is high on extraversion is born feeling under stimulated. People who are introverted are born over stimulated. • Think about this o The short version of reliability Am I measuring something consistently? o Short version of validity Am I measuring what I think I am measuring? •...
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PPE_Notes_1.16.08 - direct measures of someone’s...

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