CMP Cheat Sheet - Construction Divisions Div 1-General Requirements Div 2-Site Construction Div 3-Concrete Div 4-Masonry Div 5-Metals Div 6-Wood

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Construction Divisions - Div. 1-General Requirements, Div. 2-Site Construction, Div. 3-Concrete, Div. 4-Masonry, Div. 5-Metals, Div. 6-Wood and Plastics, Div. 7-Thermal and Moisture Protection, Div. 8-Doors and Windows, Div. 9-Finishes, Div. 10-Specialties, Div. 11-Equipment, Div. 12-Furnishings, Div. 13- Special Construction Div. 14-Conveying Systems, Div. 15-Mechanical, Div. 16-Electrial (00000). Construction History -12,000 BC first items constructed, Egypt /Pyramids -all jobs done by one person. 3 built in Giza, Greek –Marble and Limestone, fine detail work. Turning point in construction history. (Parthenon) Roman Empire Borrowed from ancient Greek, Invented Roman Concrete, First contractor handbook was made, Built road that still stand today, (Colosseum) Marcus Vitruvius Pollio Invented the construction Hand book(Architect and Engineer. Middle Ages – Building trades, The Renaissance Europe improved, New interest in Construction/art, Modern day Architect, Master Craftsman do the building, Industrial Revolution Machines make machines, more defined roles, Iron, Stream driven equipment. Modern Industry, Skyscrapers- late 1800 production of steel and electricity, building up, Portland cement and reinforced concrete, 20 th Century, WWII boosts construction in many counties(U.S.)Only 96 schools in the United States offer a CM program, codes, safety, energy, and environment play a big role. Industry Sectors - Residential, Commercial, Heavy/highway & Bridge construction, Industrial Construction. Residential Building -Homes, apartments, condos, and townhouses. PRIVATELY FUNDED normally, Custom Builders, Small volume builders (>25), Production builders(<25)Wood, low tech, day to day contact with owner, Commerercial Building - services buildings, people work there, no people living in building, Funding can be both private and public, Higher building cost and longer time to build. Metal used for framing, Brick, High tech, little to no contact with owner, Fundamentals to building - Exterior/Interior finishes, Foundations, Framing, Green Building, Insulation, Mechanical, Doing Business, Construction Players - Owner, Designers, Contractor, Subcontractors, Other, Owner- Private/Public, Designers- responsible for project design, Architect, Engineer, landscape Architect, Interior Designer. Architectural Engineer does the work of engineers and the
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CMP Cheat Sheet - Construction Divisions Div 1-General Requirements Div 2-Site Construction Div 3-Concrete Div 4-Masonry Div 5-Metals Div 6-Wood

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