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Unformatted text preview: Homework 1 -- CMP 101 Name - Spenser Sellers FS2007 – M. Metoyer PID - A39120363 24 points total – 1 point for each correct response DUE DATE: Wed. October 31, 2007 INSTRUCTIONS to be carefully followed : List the advantages and disadvantages to a home builder, and his/her customer, for building a green home. This entire assignment should fit on one (1) page, single-sided, using no smaller than 10 point Times Roman text. Use this exact format. Your final work should be typed – no handwritten homework will be accepted. Do your research carefully. Some Green Building questions will be on the final examination. You will be expected to use the following definition of Green Building when completing this assignment: Systems that exist in harmony with the environment. Advantages Of Green Building Disadvantages Of Green Building 1-Saves on energy consumption 1-Initial cost to build in high 2-Greater occupant satisfaction 2- High Maintenance Cost 3-Lower maintenance costs 3- Time to build is longer...
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