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164 bus bar arrangements when a number of generators

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Unformatted text preview: nts When a number of generators or feeders operating at the same voltage have to be directly connected electrically, bus-bars are used as the common electrical component. *Bus-bars are copper rods or thin walled tubes and operate at constant voltage. We shall discuss some important bus-bars arrangements used for power stations and sub-stations. All the diagrams refer to 3-phase arrangement but are shown in single-phase for simplicity. (1) Single Bus-bar System. The single busbar system has the simplest design and is used for power stations. It is also used in small outdoor stations having relatively few outgoing or incoming feeders and lines. Fig. 16.2 shows the single bus-bar system for a typical power station. The generators, outgoing lines and transformers are connected to the bus-bar. Each generator and feeder is controlled by a circuit breaker. The isolators permit to isolate generators, feeders and circuit breakers from the bus-bar for maintenance. The chief advantages of this type of arrangement are low initial cost, less maintenance and simple operation. Disadvantages. Single b...
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