Disadvantages single bus bar system has the following

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Unformatted text preview: us-bar system has the following three principal disadvantages : (i) The bus-bar cannot be cleaned, repaired or tested without de-energising the whole system. (ii) If a fault occurs on the bus-bar itself, there is complete interruption of supply. (iii) Any fault on the system is fed by all the generating capacity, resulting in very large fault currents. (2) Single bus-bar system with Sectionalisation. In large generating stations where several units are installed, it is a common practice to sectionalise the bus so that fault on any section of the bus-bar will not cause complete shut down. This is illustrated in Fig. 16.3 which shows the bus-bar divided into two sections connected by a circuit breaker and isolators. Three principal advantages are claimed for this arrangement. Firstly, if a fault occurs on any section of the bus-bar, that section can be isolated without affecting the supply to other sections. Secondly, if a fault occurs on any feeder, the fault current is much **lower than with unsectionalised bus-bar. This permits the use of...
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