For circuits of higher rating a high rupturing

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Unformatted text preview: cuits of higher rating, a high-rupturing capacity (H.R.C.) fuse in conjuction with a switch may serve the purpose of controlling and protecting the circuit. However, such a switchgear cannot be used profitably on high voltage system (3·3 kV) for two reasons. Firstly, when a fuse blows, it takes sometime to replace it and consequently there is interruption of service to the customers. Secondly, the fuse cannot successfully interrupt large fault currents that result from the faults on high voltage system. With the advancement of power system, lines and other equipments operate at high voltages and carry large currents. When a short circuit occurs on the system, heavy current flowing through the equipment may cause considerable damage. In order to interrupt such heavy fault currents, automatic circuit breakers (or simply circuit breakers) are used. A circuit breaker is a switchgear which can open or close an electrical circuit under both normal and abnormal conditions. Even in instances where a fuse is adequate, as regards to breaking capacity, a circuit breaker may be preferable. It is...
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