It is necessary to house the switchgear in power

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Unformatted text preview: ry to house the switchgear in power stations and sub-stations in such a way so as to safeguard personnel during operation and maintenance and to ensure that the effects of Introduction to Switchgear 393 fault on any section of the gear are confined to a limited region. Depending upon the voltage to be handled, switchgear may be broadly classified into (i) outdoor type (ii) indoor type. (i) Outdoor type. For voltages beyond 66 kV, switchgear equipment is installed outdoor. It is because for such voltages, the clearances between conductors and the space required for switches, circuit breakers, transformers and others equipment become so great that it is not economical to install all such equipment indoor. Fig. 16.5 shows a typical outdoor sub-station with switchgear equipment. The circuit breakers, isolators, transformers and bus-bars occupy considerable space on account of large electrical clearance associated with high voltages. (ii) Indoor type. For voltages below 66 kV, switchgear is generally installed indoor because of economic considerations. The indoor switch...
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