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Unformatted text preview: o internal and/or external effects. (i) Internal effects are caused by breakdown of equipment or transmission lines, from deterioration of insulation in a generator, transformer etc. Such troubles may be due to ageing of insulation, inadequate design or improper installation. (ii) External effects causing short circuit include insulation failure due to lightning surges, overloading of equipment causing excessive heating; mechanical damage by public etc. Effects of short-circuit. When a short-circuit occurs, the current in the system increases to an abnormally high value while the system voltage decreases to a low value. (i) The heavy current due to short-circuit causes excessive heating which may result in fire or explosion. Sometimes short-circuit takes the form of an arc and causes considerable damage to the system. For example, an arc on a transmission line not cleared quickly will burn the conductor severely causing it to break, resulting in a long time interruption of the line. (ii) The low voltage c...
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