Such a system consists of two bus bars a main bus bar

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Unformatted text preview: wo bus-bars, a “main bus-bar’’ and a “spare” bus-bar (see Fig. 16.4). Each generator and feeder may be connected to either bus-bar with the help of bus coupler which consists of a circuit breaker and isolators. In the scheme shown in Fig. 16.4, service is interrupted during switch over from one bus to another. However, if it were desired to switch a circuit from one to another without interruption of service, there would have to be two circuit breakers per circuit. Such an arrangement will be too expensive. Advantages (i) If repair and maintenance it to be carried on the main bus, the supply need not be interrupted as the entire load can be transferred to the spare bus. (ii) The testing of feeder circuit breakers can be done by putting them on spare bus-bar, thus keeping the main bus-bar undisturbed. (iii) If a fault occurs on the bus-bar, the continuity of supply to the circuit can be maintained by transferring it to the other bus-bar. 16.5 Switchgear Accommodation The main components of a switchgear are circuit breakers, switches, bus-bars, instruments and instrument transformers. It is necessa...
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