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The effect of oil is to cool and quench the arc that

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Unformatted text preview: oil is to cool and quench the arc that tends to form when the circuit is opened. These switches are used for circuits of high voltage and large current carrying capacities. 2. Fuses. A fuse is a short piece of wire or thin strip which melts when excessive current flows through it for sufficient time. It is inserted in series with the circuit to be protected. Under normal operating conditions, the fuse element it at a temperature below its melting point. Therefore, it carries the normal load current without overheating. However, when a short circuit or overload occurs, the current through the fuse element increases beyond its rated capacity. This raises the temperature and the fuse element melts (or blows out), disconnecting the circuit protected by it. In * Generally, the load contains reactive elements (inductance and capacitance). The sudden change of current in the circuit due to breaking results in the production of large induced e.m.f. (several thousand volts) which ruptures the insulation of air inbetween the contacts, causing a spark. 390 390 Princi...
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