This is called short circuit current it is worthwhile

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Unformatted text preview: rt-circuit current. It is worthwhile to make a distinction between a **short-circuit and an overload. When a short-circuit occurs, the voltage at fault point is reduced to zero and current of abnormally high magnitude flows through the network to the point of fault. On the other hand, an overload means that loads greater than the designed values have been imposed on the system. Under such conditions, the voltage at the overload point may be low, but not zero. The undervoltage conditions may extend for some distance beyond the overload point into the remainder of the system. The currents in the overloaded * ** As internal impedance Z i of the generator is generally small. Note that path of current is shortened and hence the name short circuit current. 394 394 Principles of Power System equipment are high but are substantially lower than that in the case of a short-circuit. Causes of short-circuit. A short circuit in the power system is the result of some kind of abnormal conditions in the system. It may be caused due t...
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