This permits the use of circuit breakers of lower

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Unformatted text preview: circuit breakers of lower capacity in the feeders. Thirdly, repairs and maintenance of any section of the bus-bar can be carried out by de-energising that section only, eliminating the possibility of complete shut-down. It is worthwhile to keep in mind that a circuit breaker should be used as the sectionalising switch so that uncoupling of the bus-bars may be carried out safely during load transfer. Moreover, the circuit breaker itself should be provided with isolators on both sides so that its maintenance can be done while the bus-bars are alive. * ** The term bus is derived from the word omnibus, meaning collector of things. Thus, electrical bus-bar is the collector of electrical energy at one location. because a feeder fault is fed from one section only. 392 392 Principles of Power System (3) Duplicate bus-bar system. In large stations, it is important that breakdowns and maintenance should interfere as little as possible with continuity of supply. In order to achieve this objective, duplicate bus-bar system is used in important stations. Such a system consists of t...
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