When fault occurs on any part of the power system the

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Unformatted text preview: ault occurs on any part of the power system, the switchgear must operate quickly so that no damage is done to generators, transformers and other equipment by the short-circuit currents. If fault is not cleared by switchgear quickly, it is likely to spread into healthy parts, thus endangering complete shut down of the system. (iv) Provision for manual control. A switchgear must have provision for manual control. In case the electrical (or electronics) control fails, the necessary operation can be carried out through manual control. (v ) Provision for instruments. There must be provision for instruments which may be required. These may be in the form of ammeter or voltmeter on the unit itself or the necessary current and voltage transformers for connecting to the main switchboard or a separate instrument panel. 16.3 Switchgear Equipment Switchgear covers a wide range of equipment concerned with switching and interrupting currents 389 Introduction to Switchgear under both normal and abnormal conditions. It include...
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