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Unformatted text preview: reated by the fault has a very harmful effect on the service rendered by the power system. If the voltage remains low for even a few seconds, the consumers’ motors may be shut down and generators on the power system may become unstable. Due to above deterimental effects of short-circuit, it is desirable and necessary to disconnect the faulty section and restore normal voltage and current conditions as quickly as possible. Short-Circuit Currents 16.7 Short-Circuit Currents Most of the failures on the power system lead to short-circuit fault and cause heavy current to flow in the system. The calculations of these short-circuit currents are important for the following reasons : (i) A short-circuit on the power system is cleared by a circuit breaker or a fuse. It is necessary, therefore, to know the maximum possible values of short-circuit current so that switchgear of suitable rating may be installed to interrupt them. (ii) The magnitude of short-circuit current determines the setting and sometimes the types and location of protective system. (iii) The magnitude...
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