PHY131_S07_M2_Solutions - PHY 131 Midterm 2 Mar 26, 2007...

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PHY 131 Midterm 2 Mar 26, 2007 Version Put FULL NAME, ID#, and EXAM VERSION on the front cover of the BLUE BOOKLET! To avoid problems in grading: do all problems in order , write legibly , and show all work for partial credit ! Note: make sketches where appropriate and show your axis conventions. Do not forget units, number of signifi- cant digits, and check your results for consistency. Do ALL problems. This exam will last 1.5 hr. Success! 1. Ballistic pendulum (30 points). A mass m= 0.500 kg (B: 1.50 kg) of putty is thrown with horizontal velocity v 0 =24.0 m/s perpendicular onto a vertical rec- tangular wooden board of height H= 0.900 m (B: 0.600m), width W= 0.500 m (B: 0.800 m), and negligible thickness. The board has a M= 6.00 kg mass and is hinged at the top (A) along its width W . The putty smashes into the board per- pendicular to its surface at D= 0.600 m (B: 0.400 m) below the hinge and sticks there. For simplicity of the calculus, take g = 10.0 m/s 2 , and ignore friction in the hinge and drag in the air. Solution a. Calculate the angular velocity of the board plus putty just after the collision b. Calculate the amount of kinetic energy lost in the collision (converted to heat) c. Calculate if after the collision the board will swing all the way up and around, or not. Show all work for full credit! 2. Torque and rotation (35 points). A uniform roll of paper is hung in a hinging bracket against a vertical wall. The roll has radius R= 0.300 m (B: 0.400 m) and mass M= 20.0 kg (B: 25.0 kg). The bracket has negligible mass and makes an an- gle of 45º with the wall. There is no rotational friction between the bracket and
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PHY 131 taught by Professor Rijssenbeek during the Spring '03 term at SUNY Stony Brook.

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PHY131_S07_M2_Solutions - PHY 131 Midterm 2 Mar 26, 2007...

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