President hadley of yale declared that unless trusts

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Unformatted text preview: eet had cast hungry eyes. “When dawn came, Morgan rose and straightened his back. Only one question remained. “`Do you think you can persuade Andrew Carnegie to sell?’ he asked. “`I can try,’ said Schwab. “`If you can get him to sell, I will undertake the matter,’ said Morgan. “So far so good. But would Carnegie sell? How much would he demand? (Schwab thought about $320,000,000). What would he take payment in? Common or 54 NAPOLEON HILL THINK AND GROW RICH preferred stocks? Bonds? Cash? No-body could raise a third of a billion dollars in cash. “There was a golf game in January on the frost-cracking heath of the St. Andrews links in Westchester, with Andrew bundled up in sweaters against the cold, and Charlie talking volubly, as usual, to keep his spirits up. But no word of business was mentioned until the pair sat down in the cozy warmth of the Carnegie cottage hard by. Then, with the same persuasiveness that had hypnotized eighty millionaires at the University Club, Schwab poured out the glittering promises of retirement in comfort, of untold millions to satisfy the old man’s social caprices. Carnegie capitulated, wrote a figure on a slip of paper, handed it to Schwab and said, `all right, that’s what we’ll sell for.’ “The figure was approximately $400,000,000, and was reached by taking the $320,000,000 mentioned by Schwab as a basic figure, and adding to it $80,000,000 to represent the increased capital value over the previous two years. “Later, on the deck of a trans-Atlantic liner, the Scotsman said ruefully to Morgan, `I wish I had asked you for $100,000,000 more.’ “`If you had asked for it, you’d have gotten it,’ Morgan told him cheerfully. ******* “There was an uproar, of course. A British correspondent cabled that the foreign steel world was `appalled’ by the gigantic combination. President Hadley, of Yale, declared that unless trusts were regulated the country might expect `an emperor in Washington within the next twenty-five years.’ But that able stock manipulator, Keene, went at his work of shoving the new stock at the public so vigorously that all the excess water-estimated by some at nearly $600,000,000-was absorbed in a twinkling. So Carnegie had his millions, and the Morgan syndicate had $62,000,000 for all its `trouble,’ and all the `boys,’ from Gates to Gary, had their millions. ******* “The thirty-eight-year-old Schwab had his reward. He was made president of the new corporation and remained in control until 1930.” The dramatic story of “Big Business” which you have just finished, was included in this book, because it is a perfect illustration of the method by which DESIRE CAN BE TRANSMUTED INTO ITS PHYSICAL EQUIVALENT! 55 NAPOLEON HILL THINK AND GROW RICH I imagine some readers will question the statement that a mere, intangible DESIRE can be converted into its physical equivalent. Doubtless some will say, “You cannot convert NOTHING into SOMETHING!” The answer is in the story of United States Steel. That giant organization was created in the mind of one man. The plan by which the orga...
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