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TOEFL Business-Tests Test Of English as a Foreign Language(Educational Testing Service)
QUESTION:294 n. point directly overhead in the sky; highest point; climax C
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QUESTION: 295 adj. depending upon another; risky; uncertain; unstable; unsteady A
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QUESTION: 296 n. two words having the same sound but different meanings D
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QUESTION:297 adj. indifferent; submissive; nonchalant; self-satisfied; at ease
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Unformatted text preview:A. complacent B. boorish C. cursory D. sallow Answer: A QUESTION: 298 n. favorable opinion arrived at beforehand; affinity; liking; fondness A. predilection B. idiosyncrasy 70 C. peccadillo D. paradox Answer: A QUESTION: 299 v. to understand; to get to the bottom of; to measure the depth of A. ejaculate B. allude C. feign D. fathom Answer: D QUESTION: 300 adj. flimsy and cheap; shabby; cheap A. sleazy B. culpable C. maudlin D. dynamic Answer: A 71 For More exams visit http s ://killexams.com /vendors-exam-list Kill your exam at First Attempt .... Guaranteed!