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R R F F h S S A B A B top views showing loads and points A and B x y x y A B x y A B x y A B x y y x z x y Load ME306 problem 2, 18Jan08, Dr. E. Austin Internal reactions F S R stress which load contributes to Point internal reactions σ x σ y σ z τ xy τ yz τ zx A axial ( P A ) torque ( T c J ) moment ( M c I ) transv. shear ( V Q Ib ) B axial ( P A ) torque (
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Unformatted text preview: T c J ) moment ( M c I ) transv. shear ( V Q Ib ) Put only the value of the bold-faced internal reactions (with signs) in the appropriate boxes. +hS +rS –rS –S S hS rS –R +hR R hR –rF +F +F F rF...
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