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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 06 - Source, Message, and Channel Factors 1. (p. 179) The _____ is a planning tool that can be used by marketers to consider how controllable elements of the communications process interact with the consumers' response process. A. dissonance/attribution model B. persuasion matrix C. AIDA model D. response model E. elaboration likelihood model (ELM) 2. (p. 179) According to the persuasion matrix, which of the following is a dependable variable of the communications model? A. Source B. Message C. Comprehension D. Channel E. Type of message appeal 3. (p. 179) The independent variable in the persuasion matrix that takes into account the passage of information from one person to another is: A. the source. B. the message. C. behavior. D. retention. E. destination. 4. (p. 179) According to the persuasion matrix, which of the following is an independent variable or stage in the response process? A. Attention B. Comprehension C. Destination D. Yielding E. Retention 5. (p. 180) What combination of independent and dependent variables of the persuasion matrix did The Golf Channel consider when it hired Canadian golfing pro Steve Allen to be its spokesperson in a Canadian advertising campaign and assumed he would be noticed by Canadians who golf and are interested in golf? A. Source/yielding B. Message/yielding C. Channel/attention D. Source/attention E. Message/retention 6-1 Chapter 06 - Source, Message, and Channel Factors 6. (p. 180) When FX cable network promotes its television show The Shield , it shows bloody and provocative excerpts from upcoming episodes. Which combination of independent and dependent variables does the advertiser using the persuasion matrix consider for this commercial? A. Source/attention B. Source/comprehension C. Message/yielding D. Channel/behavior E. Receiver/attention 7. (p. 180) A mobile phone company uses Catherine Zeta-Jones in all of its print and broadcast advertising. The extremely attractive and talented English-born actress is used because she is more likely to attract the potential consumers of mobile phones. In terms of the response stages of the persuasion matrix, the mobile phone company is trying to influence: A. reception. B. channel. C. attention. D. presentation. E. behavior. 8. (p. 180) A spokesperson who delivers an advertising message and/or demonstrates a product or service is known as a(n): A. direct source. B. indirect source. C. message shaper. D. source mirage. E. source echo. 9. (p. 180) A(n) _____ doesn't actually deliver a message but draws attention to and/or enhances the appearance of the ad. A. direct source B. indirect source C. message shaper D. source mirage E. source echo 10. (p. 181) Marketers try to select spokespeople whose traits will maximize their message influence. According to Herbert Kelman, the three categories of source attributes that should be considered during the selection process are: A. power, image, and knowledge....
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