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Student Name: Shane Reynolds Student ID: 4139537 Date: 16 Sept 11 Course and Section Number: SCI 131 PART 1 Begin by viewing the following Thinkwell video 27.1.1 CIA Demonstration: Laboratory Safety After you watch the above video, check out the safety contract at and then answer the questions below in sufficient detail: (a) (1 pts) Describe some general lab safety rules that were discussed in this video and reading. Answer: Some general safety rules when in lab are to cover up. You should wear goggles, gloves, long pants, and no open toed shoes. You should even invest in a lab coat for added protection. You should know your surroundings, such as where the open shower is as well as the fire extinguisher. (b) (1 pts) Briefly discuss the importance of safety in the chemistry lab, and why it is important to know the location of safety equipment in the lab. Answer: It is very important to know the location of safety equipment in the lab. If during the lab a fire were to break out, if you already know where the extinguisher is then you have a better chance of getting to it quickly and putting the fire out. It is also very important to be safe and not horseplay because that is how accidents can happen that could lead to an accident that may require the use of the fire extinguisher or the shower. (c) (10 pts) Indicate whether the following statements are true or false in the blank
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