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Unformatted text preview: P(0) (instead of showing P(i) – P(0) >= 0 for all i, same criteria for homework!) or only show by tables (instead of telling the “from” and “to” of credits), you will get 2 points deducted. 6) If you don’t write anything, you get 0 out of 6 points. 7) If you indeed use the accounting method and give the correct answer, then congratulations! You get full marks for this method (6 out of 6 points). c) Potential method: P = two times the number of elements in the list before the ADD or DeleteOdds operation is performed. Grading criteria: 1) If you indeed use the potential method, but give the potential function as “P = the number of elements in the list”, you will get 3 out of 6 points since this potential function gives 3 as amortized cost which is incorrect according to what we show above. 2) If you don’t give your potential function, you will be deducted 4 points immediately since this is the initial step of the potential method. Later you calculations of Δp are all based on this function definition...
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