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Week_3_-_EFA_and_Organization_Assessment (1)

0 culture culture enables an organization to achieve

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Unformatted text preview: vior Aligns external adaptation and internal Aligns integration integration Unconscious forces Values, beliefs (internal evidence) • Example: Entrepreneurial vs. conservative Ceremonies, rituals (visible evidence) Provides insight into organization adaptability, Provides flexibility and capacity to change flexibility Strategy must link and align with culture International cultural competency 37 37 Team Competition Team In your teams identify key S/W in each In area area 12 minutes to prepare Round Robin presentation Steal point earned for each team able to Steal present after the last team has failed to identify a S/W in segment being analyzed identify 38 IFA Chart IFA S R e l a t i v e w Importance/ Impact 39 Critical Issues Assessment Critical Identify highest impact/ probability IFA Identify items items Discuss interrelations between items Assess in context of External O/T Identify 4-5 critical issues Write as “How to” statements 40 Midterm Review Midterm Bulleted format Choose your words and information Do not leave out any portion of the exam 41 Homework Homework Prepare an Organization Assessment/ Prepare Internal analysis on eBay Internal No classes next week Midterm will be due: Tuesday class: October 2nd Friday classes: October 5th Dell case SWOT analysis Critical Issues 42...
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