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Week_3_-_EFA_and_Organization_Assessment (1)

0 operational systems financial marketing production

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Unformatted text preview: cial Physical Technological Human 2.0 Products and Services 1.0 Markets Market Segments and Market Niches 29 29 1.0 Markets Market segments Market niches Market position Customer Analysis 30 30 2.0 Products and Services Product mix Product segmentation Product life cycle Pricing strategy Promotional strategy Sales strategy 31 31 3.0 Resource Management Financial Resources Technical Resources Physical Resources Human Resources Research and Development Innovation Reputational 32 32 4.0 Operational Systems Financial Systems Financial Management systems Accounting Billing Payroll Production Systems Shipping Distribution Manufacturing Inventory management 33 33 4.0 Operational Systems, con’t Marketing Systems Marketing mix: Product, Place, Promotion, Marketing Price Price Sales systems Human Resources Systems Staffing Hiring processes Recruitment/ selection Compensation 34 34 5.0 Management Systems Planning - What to do Organizing – achieving coordinated effort Process Structure Leading/ Motivating – Influencing people Leadership Development Career Development Controlling Performance Management systems 35 35 6.0 Culture Culture enables an organization to: Achieve coordination Achieve control 36 36 Culture Components Consistent patterns of organization beha...
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