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Week_3_-_EFA_and_Organization_Assessment (1)

Global expansion china 23 availability of global

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Unformatted text preview: global acquisitions Physical 28. Availability of qualified technology human resources domestic Threats 20. Aging domestic population 24. International business culture insight 25. International consumer culture insight 26. International user preferences for certain technologies 27. Foreign competitors 29. Availability of low cost qualified technology human resources India Industry Analysis – Porters 5 Forces Threat of New Entrants – HIGH HIGH Low Barriers to entry Increased competition from online and traditional retailers Power of Suppliers – LOW Power LOW Limited suppliers utilizes Power of Buyers – LOW Power LOW Large number of buyers Limited availability of options for buyers to switch Availability of Substitute products – MEDIUM Availability MEDIUM Increasing availability of alternate sources and technology Intensity of Rivalry – HIGH Intensity HIGH 4 major competitors Market share fluctuation Key Industry factors 30. High threat of new entrants 30. 31. High threat of non-traditional new 31. entrants entrants 32. Fast market cyc...
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