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Innovation reputation culture planning processes

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Unformatted text preview: arks, copyrights Management systems 25 25 Assessing Resources and Assessing Capabilities Capabilities 3. Human Skills Capacity Organizational knowledge/ intelligence Training Experience 26 26 Organization Capabilities Organizational Capability – What a firm can do 1. Resources – tangible and intangible 2. Capabilities 3. Core Competencies 4. Distinctive Competencies That which provides an organization strategic competitive That advantage advantage • Valuable • Rare • Hard to imitate • Not easily substitutable • Value Chain analysis 27 27 Organization Capabilities and Organization Competitive Advantage Competitive Gaining Competitive Advantage 1. Scarcity Relevance Ability to leverage Sustaining Competitive Advantage 1. Durable Transferable Replicatable Capability Development 1. Mergers and acquisitions Strategic alliances Incubating capabilities over time 28 28 Pyramid of Organization Pyramid Assessment Assessment 6.0 Culture 5.0 Management Systems Planning Organization Management Development Performance Management 4.0 Operational Systems Financial Marketing Production HR 3.0 Resource Management Finan...
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