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Class this analysis utilizes only selected external

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Unformatted text preview: only selected external This factors for illustration purposes only factors Your actual chart will include ALL external Your factors identified in your analysis factors Opportunities Political Economic 4. Domestic economic downturn 5. Global economic downturn 6. Increasing unemployment rates Threats 1. Pending sales tax legislation 2. Crackdown on counterfeit product sales 3. Pending IRS income reporting legislation 7. Decreasing disposable income Opportunities Sociocultural 8. Consumer preference for fixed price Technological 12. Availability of tech. companies to acquire 13. Anti-counterfeit technology Threats 9. Consumer preference for fixed price 10. Consumer preference for quality assurance 11. Consumer preference for easy returns 14. International technology standards 15. Direct communications technology 16. VOIP technology innovation Opportunities Demographic 17. Gen Y preference for technology 18. Ethnic shifts 19. Domestic Hispanic growth rate Global 21. Emerging middle class in developing countries 22. Global expansion - China 23. Availability of...
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