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Unformatted text preview: ADHD symptoms drop after walking in park compared to quiet urban area – In regions of Chicago project with more trees and grass, neighbors felt greater community, knew each other, safer Green and Health Green and Health • Ulrich, 1991 – Green scenes de­activation heart rate, blood pressure – Heart surgery patients exposed to green scenes, need less strong pain medications A New Science of Religiosity and A New Science of Religiosity and Spirituality (Hill, Pargament, Cohen, Nisbett, Norenzayan) • William James: Varieties of Religious Experience • Some scattered empirical findings – Catholicism, Judaism: more social – Protestantism: experiential – Intrinsic (quest oriented) versus extrinsic (fitting into social, intellectual structure) Spirituality (the sacred); (Cohen et al., Spirituality (the sacred); 2009) • Experience of the sacred – Transcendent purpose – Small self – Sense of Design – common substance/humanity – self located in broader pattern/force Spirituality and health Spirituality and health • Myers: Spiritually oriented report higher levels of happiness • Smith, McCullough, 2003: Spiritually oriented report less depression – 145 studies, 98,000 participants – R = ­.096, greater during stress • Putnam: greater spirituality greater volunteerism, altruism • McCullough et al. (2000) – Meta analysis 42 studies: religious 29% more likely to be alive at any time point • McCullough et al., 2009 – – Terman longitudinal study: 1523 high IQ people Three curves • • • • Always religious: Extraverts, neurotics Always non religious Become more religious: Agreeable Religious women live longer, due to social commitments, health behaviors Evolutionary story of spirituality and Evolutionary story of spirituality and awe • David Sloan Wilson: Darwin’s Cathedral • Universal (Hunter gatherers to present day: • Robert Wright, Evolution of God) Same form across cultures – – – – Ecstatic ritual Explain tragedy, death Prayer Treat others as brother (Armstrong) • Unites group against other groups A mammalian display A mammalian display • • • • • • Table 1: Darwin’s observations of emotions related to awe ____________________________________________________________________ _ Admiration eyes opened, eyebrows raised, eyes bright, smile, Astonishm...
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