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Unformatted text preview: pressive symptoms, less drug abuse, better grades, more emotionally stable, less prone to obesity (Pollan) – High points, low points; thorns and roses Source of Narratives: Cultural Source of Narratives: Cultural artifacts • Tsai (2007) – US high excitement culture, East Asia veers toward valuing calm, contentedness – US dangerous recreational practices, happiness defined in terms of excitement, more likely to be addicted to exciting drugs – US childrens books: Protagonists are highly excited (Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are, Huck Finn) – US ads: more excited smiles Narratives in Music Narratives in Music • Semantics and music – – – Susan Langer: Form and Feeling Music has structure of great narratives Juslin: Acoustic properties of music (amplitude, rise time, pitch, speed) same as acoustics of basic vocalizations for emotions like anger (justice), sadness (loss), joy • Rentfrow & Gosling, 2003 – Extraverts prefer highly energetic, upbeat music (country, hip hop, electronica) – Open to experience prefer reflective, complex music (alternative, jazz) • Markus & Snibbe, 2006 – Upper SES prefer music about individual freedoms, identity (alternative rock) – Lower SES prefer music that profiles struggles of life Narratives in other art forms Narratives in other art forms • Fiction: Oatley – Fiction simulates our own experience in empathic leap of imagination • Dance: Hejmadi, Rozin, Davidson – Natyshastra: movements of dance communicate emotion in narrative • Art – Color and semantics Pennebaker’s writing paradigm Pennebaker’s writing paradigm • Initial interest in power of confession • Write about strongest emotions of trauma, or the facts of the event • Traumas studied: bereavement, divorce, holocaust survivors, 9­11 victims • Effects: increased well­being, enhanced immune function, reduced visits to health center, reductions in anxiety, depression Other narrative findings Other narrative findings • Markus: more possible selves, less likely experiences of depression • McAdams (2008): more vivid and engaging narratives predict increased well­being as people age • Laura King Functions of Narrative Functions of Narrative • • • • • • • • • • • •...
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