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Unformatted text preview: a: No stealing, no coveting, no entering into debt. Brahmacharya: Divine conduct, continence, celibate when single, faithful when married. Kshama: Patience, releasing time, functioning in the now. Dhriti: Steadfastness, overcoming non­perseverance, fear, and indecision; seeing each task through to completion. Daya: Compassion; conquering callous, cruel and insensitive feelings toward all beings. Arjava: Honesty, straightforwardness, renouncing deception and wrongdoing. Mitahara: Moderate appetite, neither eating too much nor too little; nor consuming – – – – Asanas (postures) Purification procedures Pranayama (breathing) meditation Zazen (zen) meditation Zazen (zen) meditation • • • • • Sitting Mindful breathing Walking meditations Observing still mind, being present Koans (100 or so sayings, 12th, 13th century) – “If you meet the Buddha, kill him.” – “Two hands clap and there is a sound. What is the sound of one hand?” – “What is the Buddha? Three pounds of flax.” – “What is the Buddha? Dried Dung.” Mindfulness based stress reduction Mindfulness based stress reduction program (Jon Kabat­Zinn, University of Massachusetts. Coming to Our Senses) • Body scan – Imagine eating a raisin – Feel sensations, relaxation in different parts of body • Sitting exercises • Hatha Yoga Evidence and applications Evidence and applications • Applied in schools, prisons, workplace • Reduction in pain for people with chronic • • • disease 4 times quicker healing rate for people with Psoriasis Reductions in anxiety, depression (Teasdale, Williams, MBSR cognitive therapy) Increased sense of hardiness, coherence Contemplation (Flinders, Oman: Eight Point Contemplation Program of Passage Meditation) • Passage contemplation – Favorite passage – Mantra – Put others first – Focus attention – Train senses – Slow down alienation, cynicism rumination, toxic thought narcissism distraction sensory overload overhurried Reflection Reflection • Write down a favorite passage, saying, concept you return to A Person of Humanity, wishing to establish his own character, also establishes the character of others (...
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