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Unformatted text preview: minor effect on well­being – Bonanno: for many, traumas have minor effects on well­being, adjustment • Immune neglect Elements of an evolutionary Elements of an evolutionary analysis • Gene replication – Dawkins: Selfish Gene • Selection pressures – Natural – Sexual • Intrasexual • Intersexual – Group • Adaptations • Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness Examples of Adaptations: Efficient Examples of Adaptations: Efficient solutions to survival, reproduction related problems Trait Startle response Sweet preference Jealousy Pregnancy sickness Neotony Baby’s similarity to dad Problem Physical threat Identify nutrition Mate guarding Fetus vulnerability Fetus attachment Paternal uncertainty Origins of Happiness: A picture from Origins of Happiness: our Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness (Tooby & Cosmides, 1990) • Evolution of our Ultrasociality Hunter gatherers (Eibl­Eibesfeldt, 1989) Archeology (Mithen) Primate predecessors (de Waal, 1996) Dimensions to our Ultrasociality Dimensions to our Ultrasociality • • • • • Care­taking Flattened Hierarchies Conflict and Reconciliation Coordination Fragile Monogamy Sympathy Breakthroughs Sympathy Breakthroughs (Jonathan Glover, Humanity) • George Orwell • Miklos Nyiszli • 75% of soldiers refuse to shoot at enemy Some Definitions Some Definitions • Compassion: Concern to enhance the welfare of • • • • another who suffers or is in need Empathy: mirroring or understanding of other’s emotion. Mimicry: Imitation of others’ emotion, behavior Love of Humanity: A belief in the goodness, connectedness of others Pity: Feeling of concern for someone felt to be inferior to self An Evolutionary Conundrum An Evolutionary Conundrum and Parting of Ways • Russel­Wallace: Sympathy created by God • Thomas Huxley: A cultural construction The War on Compassion The War on Compassion • FREUDIAN MIND: The very emphasis of the commandment: Thou shalt not kill, makes it certain that we are descended from an endlessly long chain of generations of murderers, whose love of murder was in their blood as it is perhaps also in ours . Sigmund Freud • LIBERTARIANISM: If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject. Ayn Rand • POLITICAL THEORY: Of mankind we may say in general they are fickle, hypocritical, and greedy of gain. Machiavelli • • EVOLUTIONARY SURVIVAL OF THE FI...
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