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Unformatted text preview: s in 20th century presidential candidates predicted the victor 18 of 22 times Writing about best self: Greater Happiness, health Imagine your best self (King) Imagine your best self (King) • Imagine your best self five years from now – Better health, happiness weeks later Adaptive Coping, control, agency Adaptive Coping, control, agency • Adaptive coping associated with positive responses to • • • • • • traumas such as bereavement Measurement: I concentrate my efforts on doing something about it” “I do what has to be done one step at a time” “I try to come up with a strategy about what to do” “I make a plan of action” “I try to get advice from someone about what to do” The world is my oyster: Approach The world is my oyster: Approach vs. Inhibition (Carver, White, 1994) • Inhibition (punishment sensitivity) – I worry about making mistakes – Criticism, scolding hurt me • Approach (reward sensitivity, drive, fun) – – – – – (Dopamine, Nucleus Accumbens) When I want something, I go after it I crave excitement I do things for no other reason than fun When I’m doing well at something, I love to keep at it Approach and Inhibition Approach and Inhibition Optimism Negative affect Positive Affect Happiness BIS ­.22* .42** ­.06 REWARD .08 .05 .28** .24** Truth or Bias in self insight? Truth or Bias in self insight? Positive Illusions and Well­being: Taylor & Brown, 1985 • Common assumption: truthful assessment of self hallmark of psychological adjustment – Humanistic psychology – therapy • The Big Three: Optimism, control, self­ • • enhancement The mechanisms: Positive moods, motivation, positive relations The outcome: Well­being Unrealistic optimism Unrealistic optimism • Happier people assume good events more likely to happen to them than average person, bad events less likely Unrealistic Optimism (Weinstein, Unrealistic Optimism (Weinstein, 1980) COMPARATIVE JUDGMENT OF LIFE EVENT OWN VERSUS OTHERS’ CHANCES Like post graduation job 50.2 O...
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