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Unformatted text preview: kground • Von Neumann & Morgenstern (1947) • Schelling (1960): Strategies of Conflict Prisoner’s Dilemma Game Prisoner’s Dilemma Game Games Games • Ultimatum: Person A is given 10$, Gives any amount to Person B who can accept or reject • Trust game: Person A gives a sum to Person B. Sum triples in value, and Person B can give back some amount to Person A • Dictator: Person A is given sum and gives any amount to Person B Cooperation Cooperation • • A human universal (Henrich) 15 cultures play ultimatum game, where person is give 10$, and choice to give to stranger, who accepts or rejects 39% average offer, cooperation increases with interdependence (zero sum world) • More interdependent cultures give more The Cooperative Mindset The Cooperative Mindset • Frames of game (Ross et al., 2004) Wall Street vs. Community: threefold increase in competition • Primes: (Neuberg) – Primed with competitive words, 84% defect on majority of trials of PDG versus 50% in neutral control Building Cooperation in the Building Cooperation in the Social Realm • Communication: R. Dawes; R. Frank (1988) • Laughter: Voiced laughs trigger cooperation in others • Touch: Kurzban: An experimenter’s touch to participant prior to PDG increases cooperation Touch builds cooperation in Touch builds cooperation in Groups • We coded all the touch of each team in the NBA early in the 2008­2009 season (each game took 17 hours) Coding Touch Coding Touch An ethological study of the NBA An ethological study of the NBA • Teams who touched more, controlling for salaries, pre­season expectations, and whether they were winning in the focal game…. – Were more efficient during season – Won more games – Cooperated with teammates more (set picks, helped out on defense, tipped balls, etc) Oxytocin and Pro­Sociality Oxytocin • Faithful and frisky voles (Carter, 1992; • • • • Insel) Oxytocin levels predict attachment behaviors Oxytocin predicts care­taking in mammals Kissing leads to rises...
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