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Unformatted text preview: strategies played 200 rounds with each other – Round 2: 62 strategies played 200 rounds with each other – The Winner: Tit­for­Tat: start cooperatively, mirror response of partner The ethics of the tit­for­tat The ethics of the tit­for­tat • • • • • Begin cooperatively Easy to read Not envious Not exploitable Forgives The Autonomic Nervous System: The Autonomic Nervous System: Fight or Flight or Tend and Befriend The Body, Stress, and Health The Body, Stress, and Health • The legend of Marie Antoinette • The Embodied Mind – pencil in mouth experiment and happiness – Furrowed eyebrows and injustice – Lifting up makes people use more uplifting metaphors – Furrow brows, tighten lips: cardiovascular arousal The Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal The Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis (Sapolsky) • Short term stress and • Chronic stress and: – Increased feelings of vulnerability – Stress, anxiety, fear, nervousness – Vigilance to threats – immune system compromise, ulcers, damage to DNA, damage to brain cells, shortened lives in response to disease The Core Meaning of Stress The Core Meaning of Stress • Stress can have many forms • When demands exceed capacities, skills, coping abilities • Control (learned helplessness) • Threats to social identity, connection (Dickerson & Kemeny, 2004) • Threat mentality vs. challenge (Blascovich, Mendes) – – – – Life events: abuse, divorce, disease, economic hardship Daily hassles: commuting, dishes, parking tickets Positive events: weddings, promotions, new job Connection to coping, agency, efficacy, control Chronic stress and cortisol Chronic stress and cortisol Out of work Economic deprivation Taking care of ill relatives Family conflict (Adler, Sapolsky) • • • • • • • Ulcers Heart disease Increased rate of cancer spread Cell death in hippocampus Memory loss Shortened telomeres, parts of DNA that age (aged by 10 years): Eppel Compromised intellectual functioning Social Class and Health Social Class and Health • US Greater Economic inequality than ever before (Kevin Phillips) • Objective social class – Family wealth, education, prestige of jobs • Subjective social class SES, stress and health (Adler et al., SES, stress and health (Adler et al., 2001; Wilkinson & Pickett, 2010; the Spirit Level) • • • • • • • • ...
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