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4 billionyear industry 100 billion e mail spam were

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Unformatted text preview: ion/year industry 100 billion e-mail spam were sent each day in 2007 CAN-SPAM act 2003 (US) CAN-SPAM Spam Spam is legally permissible according to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 provided it follows CAN-SPAM certain criteria: a truthful subject line no false information in the technical headers or sender address sender "conspicuous" display of the postal address of the sender sender Opt Out EU EU (opt out) and Australia (opt in) have similar Laws Laws Top Spam Topics Top pornography site subscriptions prescription drugs purported sexual enhancement products printer ink cartridges counterfeit brand name goods counterfeit software mortgage offers fake diplomas from nonexistent or non-accredited fake universities universities pump and dump penny stocks SPAM in the news SPAM On November 4, 2004, Jeremy Jaynes, rated the 8th most prolific spammer On in the world according to Spamhaus, was convicted of three felony charges of using servers in Virginia to send thousands of fraudulent e-mails. The court recommended a sentence of nine years' imprisonment, which was imposed in April 2005 although the start of the sentence is deferred pending appeals. Jaynes claimed to have an income of $750,000 a month from his spamming activities. spamming On December 31, 2004, British authorities arrested Christopher Pierson in On Lincolnshire, UK and charged him with malicious communication and causing a public nuisance. On January 3, 2005, he pleaded guilty to sending hoax e-mails to relatives of people missing following the Asian tsunami disaster. tsunami On July 25, 2005, Russian spammer Vardan Kushnir was found dead in his On Moscow apartment, having suffered numerous blunt-force blows to the head. head. SPAM in the news SPAM On June 28, 2006, IronPort released a study which found 80% of On spam emails originating from zombie computers. The report also found 55 billion daily spam emails in June 2006, a large increase from 35 billion daily spam emails in June 2005. The study used SenderData whic...
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