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The study used senderdata which represents 25 of

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Unformatted text preview: h represents 25% of global email traffic and data from over 100,000 ISP's, universities, and corporations. from On 2006-08-15 AOL announced the intention of digging up the On garden of the parents of spammer Davis Wolfgang Hawke in search of buried gold and platinum. AOL had been awarded a US$ 12.8 million judgment in May of 2005 against Hawke, who had gone into hiding. The permission for the search was granted by a judge after AOL proved that the spammer had bought large amounts of gold and platinum. and 2008- McColo a San Jose based hosting provider found to host 75% 2008of worldwide spam. Shutdown, sharp decline in spam (for a while) of SMPT Open Relays and SPAM SMPT SMTP SMTP was designed to automatically relay any message not intended for local delivery. message Spammers (those who intentionally send mass Spammers junk email) bounce messages off of SMTP servers and send millions of junk email messages through other’s mail servers messages Open Relay: An An SMTP server that processes mail where neither the sender or receiver is a local user. the SMTP SMTP can be configured to only relay mail that meets certain requirements meets SMTP can now require authenticated access to SMTP relay. relay. Spam bots Spam It It is estimated that 80% of all spam is sent via compromised computers running spam agents. agents. These bots are created via spam viruses Spammers need a lot of email accounts auto creation of mailboxes cat and mouse game SPAM Blocking Software (Server Side) (Server Blocks SPAM on server before client ever sees messages Easy to enforce corporate SPAM policies Blacklist Blocks all email from known Spammers Open Relay Database (ORBD) www.ordb.org www.ordb.org Draconian approach to Open Relay Spammers SBL (Spam Black List) www.spamhaus.org SBL www.spamhaus.org XBL (Exploits Black List) www.spamhaus.org XBL www.spamhaus.org Database of IP addresses being exploited for SPAM PBL (Policy Black List) www.spamhaus.org PBL www.spamhaus.org Database of IP addresses blocked by ISP policy Whitelist Only allows mail from accepted domains Greylist Lists based on behavior of server not email content. Lists Temporarily delay messages from server with 4xx error code Temporarily SPAM Blocking Software SPAM Client Side Blocks Blocks SPAM on client after mail is downloaded downloaded Messages take more space and Messages bandwidth Questions for Thought What should we do about SPAM ? Legal Solutions ? Technical Solutions ?...
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