For the dns name space is used for locating the mail

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Unformatted text preview: X records are used to declare the mail MX servers that are responsible for receiving inbound messages from the internet inbound Sample SMTP Path Sample Return-Path: <[email protected]> Received: from ( []) by (8.11.3/8.11.6) with ESMTP id g6CHe9v12447 for <[email protected]>; Fri, 12 Jul 2002 17:40:09 GMT Received: from foo ([]) by (InterMail vM. 201-229-121-127-20010626) with SMTP id <[email protected]> for <[email protected]>; Fri, 12 Jul 2002 18:40:16 +0100 Message-ID: <[email protected]> Reply-To: "Joe Nobody" <[email protected]> From: "Joe Nobody" <[email protected]> To: "X-Hz" [email protected] References: [email protected] Subject: Email test X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.50.4133.2400 A SMTP Telnet Session SMTP Since SMTP is a simple ascii text transfer protocol you can interact with an Since SMTP server via telnet. The following is an example telnet session SMTP telnet 25 (or at Telnet prompt open telnet 25) (After a moment you should get a response (After In telnet, success is noted by a line beginning with 2xx, failure by 5xx.) failure mail from: <youremailaddress> (wait for sender OK message) mail (wait rcpt to: <[email protected]> (wait for recipient OK message) rcpt (wait data (wait for Enter mail message) data (wait (Then type in your message. End with a <lfcr>.<lfcr> like (Then this:) this:) . (You will receive an OK message with a mail ID number) (You quit (leaves telnet) quit Mail Box Protocols Mail Post Office Protocol (POP3) Internet Message Access Protocol Internet (IMAP4) (IMAP4) HTTP (Web Access) Post Office Protocol (POP3) Post Used to retrieve mail from a mailbox Listens on TCP port 110 POP3 is an ASCII protocol Must have account and password Primarily used to retrieve messages from a Primarily mailbox for storage in a local me...
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