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Fateofanewmutakon aa aa aa aa aa aa

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Unformatted text preview: s, an individual with mulKple mutaKons is more likely to be eliminated than an individual with a few deleterious mutataKons MutaKon Load and MutaKon Rate •  Our best informaKon about the effects of mutaKons on the populaKon load come from areas around nuclear disaster sites, such as Chernobyl •  Chernobyl was a nuclear power plant in the Ukraine that exploded at 1:23AM on April 26, 1986 •  RadioacKve parKcles swept across the Ukraine, Belarus, Western Russia, and, eventually throughout the enKre Western Hemisphere •  Millions of people were exposed to radiaKon in varying doses •  Increases in somaKc mutaKons, leading to increased rates of cancer were immediately observed •  Moreover, germ line mutaKons, apparently recessive, are now being observed at much higher levels in the grandchildren of exposed people •  Recent surveys indicate that mutaKonal load is higher in insects, birds, and other wildlife populaKons in the area Fate of a new mutaKon •  In real life, most new mutaKons are lost within a few generaKons •  What is the probability that a new mutant allele will be lost at any Kme in the future? Fate of a new mutaKon AA Aa AA AA AA AA •  When a new mutaKon (a) arises, the individual carrying it will necessar...
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