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Unformatted text preview: ily mate with a AA individual •  Assuming an average number of offspring per maKng as 2 (keeping with a stable populaKon model), the probability that the first offspring will not receive the novel a allele is ½, and (independently) the probability that the 2nd offspring will not receive the novel a allele is also ½. •  Thus, the probability that the allele a will be lost in the next generaKon is: 1 2 1 Pr(loss) = = 2 4 Fate of a new mutaKon •  From this it is straighqorward to extrapolate that if a maKng produces k offspring, the probability of loss of the allele is 1 k Pr(loss | k ) = 2 •  Assuming that k is a random variable that follows a Poisson DistribuKon, and the average family size is two, then the probability that a family will be k is: € e−2 2 k Pr(K = k ) = k! •  Thus, using the law of total probability, the pr...
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