math final 2007 fall

Math final 2007 fall

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Unformatted text preview: g. (b) Find the relative maximum point(s) and the relative minimum point(s). (c) Find the intervals in which f is concave up and f is concave down. (d) Find the inflection points. (e) Graph the function. 13. (5 points) Consider the function fx x 3 9 x 2 24 x 25 . Find the absolute maximum point and the absolute minimum point of this function on the closed interval 3, 4 . 0.08 x 2 7 x 80 where x is 14. (6 points) The revenue function for a given commodity is R x the number of units manufactured and sold and 0 x 200 . The corresponding profit function is given by P x 0.12 x 2 13.4 x 280 . (a) Find the total cost function. (b) Find the number of units produced which will result in the minimum tot...
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