8 earthquake struck chile the entire city of

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Unformatted text preview: earthquake struck Chile. The entire city of Concepcion moved 10 feet to the west. Despite releasing nearly 100 times as much energy as the Haiti quake, only 500 people died and damage was comparatively modest. Why? Seismic “shake maps” for the two quakes can be found at http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ earthquakes/shakemap/global/shake/2010rja6/ and http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ earthquakes/shakemap/global/shake/2010tfan. (a) Approximately what was the largest ground acceleration produced in each earthquake? (Use the scale below the map, or click on the “peak ground acceleration” link at the top of the page.) (b) Assuming an earthquake period of 1 s, what was the maximum amplitude in meters of the back-and-forth motion during each quake? (Assume the motion is simple harmonic.) (c) Estimate the total area (in km2) for which the peak ground acceleration was greater than 9% of g. (d) Using your answers to (a) and (c), explain why the damage was so much greater in the Haiti quake, while the energy released was so much greater in the Ch...
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