test 2 - NEWS Wildfires in VA New arctic mapping the...

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NEWS• Wildfires in VA • New arctic mapping: the continental shelf extends out further from Alaska. Why the interest? Oil and gas rights since the Arctic Ocean is so ice-free in summer• Drought in SE continues; GA /TN state line dispute since 1796 declaration of the parallel it was to be surveyed. GA wants access to the Tennessee River water. But parts of Memphis, TN and Chattanooga, TN would go over to other states….unlikely!• Price of gold has prompted many weekend and vacation prospectors to search for the gold. But their operations can disrupt the land surface (ATV’s and 4 wheel drive vehicles) and the streams they hydraulic!!!! • Map of counties declared Federal Disaster areas listed (past 10 years) a county in OK and another in the Keys lead with being on the list 13 times.• Red Knots (shorebirds) and Horseshoe Crabs. The birds migrate from Tierra del Fuego, South America to the Arctic to breed. They stop in the Delaware Bay to eat the eggs of the horseshoe crabs. But Watermen have been using female crabs loaded with eggs for bait for eels and the great decline in crabs has led to far fewer eggs and the bird population is in great decline! Weathering Physical (also called mechanical) Crystal growth: salt crystals along coast lines and most importantly, ice crystals (freeze-thaw). The freeze-thaw cycles along with traffic creates those potholes in the roadbed. Extreme temperature changes can cause minerals to expand and contract, but the total effect is not too great. Then, too, lightning strikes or exposure to wildfires can cause rocks to break. Rock falls are one other method by which physical weathering takes place. The bottom line is that physical weathering creates much more surface area for chemical weathering to be effective. Chemical Three types: Hydrolysis. Actual reaction with water. Feldspars weather to form clay-minerals as a result of hydrolysis Dissolution. The solution of minerals (and rocks) by acid rain, organic acids, and acid ground Water. Calcium carbonate is especially vulnerable to this. Redox. A word created to describe the range of oxidation and reduction weathering situations. The creation of iron stain (as in “rust”) is the oxidation of iron to form FeOOH. SOILS In the US, the Soil Taxonomy. An older classification focused on climate. The zonal soils, for example where to be expected in certain climatic zones. Of course there were variations and those were called azonal and intrazonal soils. NEWS• Some states and cities are already using computer models for planning as we face global climate change. The State of NH, for example, is examining what they might expect if the climate is more like that of a southerly latitude today (say PA or VA or even the Carolinas. • NJ advisory committee voted on whether the state should continue the ban on havvesting horseshoe crabs for use as bait.
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test 2 - NEWS Wildfires in VA New arctic mapping the...

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