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PHI 22:19:50 Jose Alvarez Go to o UCF Ethics Bowl Cases for on-campus competitions in March 2008 Plato’s 3 classes of philosophy, the first two are the Guardians o 1. Philosophy Kings – rulers Have seen the light and can tell the distinction between appearance and reality because they are good at math and abstract reality. o 2. Auxiliaries – protectors o 3. Artisans – producers of a society The people who make everything run To “know” means really to understand o When asked to define “know” one might say Facts Theory Principles Aristotle o The four causes To know something was to know its causes You could know the material cause of something, but then there is the efficient cause of something. 1. Final cause – the why of a thing
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Formal cause - what of a thing 3. Efficient cause how of a thing 4. Material cause made out of a thing Plato presented the difference between Reality vs. Appearance o Reality is placed within the Forms PHI 22:19:50 Jose Alvarez Humanity is something that you contemplate not something that you understand. Rationality is something close to something like eternity, it is perfect, necessary, etc. o In the world of appearance, everything is temporary, changes, imperfect, sucks, etc. o According to Plato, reality is not technically in this world while appearance is in this world. Known as Dichotomist thinking is the split between reality and appearance....
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PHI_Notes_1.15.08 - 2. Formal cause - what of a thing 3....

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