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PHI_Notes_1.17.08 - PHI Rationalist Jose Alvarez Empiricist...

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PHI 06:11:13 Jose Alvarez Rationalist Empiricist Plato - Other-worldly Real - “forms” or “ideas” - The difference between things as they really are and things as they seem. Descartes Dualist Locke Dualist Berkeley Immaterialist/ide alist Hume Skeptic Ryle x x
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PHI 06:11:13 Jose Alvarez Reality o Minds & Bodies o Matter Only o Mind Only How do you get info about, or knowledge of reality? Descartes  o Said “I think; therefore, I am.” o “I am. I exist. This much is certain.” Socrates o Plato influences St. Augustine Aristotle influences St. Thomas Aquinas In the 1400s o People are starting to get on ships and exploring the world o Discovery o Printing press was invented, but actually the Chinese had invented a printing press  500 years before. The difference was that the European printing press had moveable type.
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