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PHI 20:28:31 Jose Alvarez Hume o Two classes of perceptions: Impressions and Ideas Impressions = forceful, lively perceptions sensations Ideas = either simple or complex; memories of perceptions memory of sensation o The principle of the priority of impressions The problem of the Blue Patch as an exception All ideas are going to come first through direct sense experience with the exception of the Blue Patch Experience Why would Hume produce a counterexample to his own principle? o Three ways of connection among ideas: 1. Resemblance 2. Contiguity in time or place 3. Cause and effect o Skeptical Doubts Concerning the Operations of the Understanding Two ways of knowing: Relations of Ideas o Mathematical type knowledge, mathematical reasoning leads you to certainty Matters of Fact
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Unformatted text preview: o Based on past and present experiences o Is at best only probability o The Principle of Natures Uniformity The future will resemble the past. Related to PUC o How does Hume define cause? PHI 20:28:31 Jose Alvarez 1. An object, followed by another, and where all objects, similar to the first, are followed by objects similar to the second. This is based only on observation of ordered pairs and does not have to do with our expectations. 2. An object followed by another, and whose appearance always conveys the thought of that order. The psychological component expectation. o Custom and Habit are NOT the same as NECESSARY CONNECTION. o A pragmatist is a uniquely American idea. Practicality Usefulness o...
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PHI_Notes_1.29.08 - o Based on past and present experiences...

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