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PHI_Notes_1.24.08 - To Be is to exist or be real Therefore...

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PHI 05:24:20 Jose Alvarez Primary Qualities o Unchanging o Essential Q Inherent Q Extension Figure Motion Rest Perceiver is independent Secondary Q o Changeable o Essential Perceiver - Dependent Abstract ideas of matter Not an idea of the physical thing it’s an understanding of the physical idea Has no qualities Berkeley o To be = to be perceived OR to perceive To be perceived is passive ideas To perceive is active A mind
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Unformatted text preview: To Be is to exist or be real Therefore to exist is to be real in ideas or mind o Think with the learned, but speak with the vulgar. PHI 05:24:20 Jose Alvarez • Materialist o Primary Qualities / Secondary Qualities Essence • Matter = substratum (substance) o Real • Immaterialist o Qualities Ideas • Mind = substratum (real) o Ultimate substratum of reality is God •...
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