PHI_Notes_2.7.08 - GCB = Greatest Conceivable Being • If...

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PHI 13:22:23 Jose Alvarez An argument for faith (x is your idea of faith) o 1. I feel strongly about X. Faith in that proposition o 2. X has good effects . o 3. God must exist. o 3a. the operation is justified – disease . Argument about doctor saying you need a surgery Result o 1. If I experience X, then X exists. Conditional statement o 2. I have experienced x o 3. X exists Even if u have evidence of the existence of something at a particular time but that you have evidence that it at least used to exist. Philosophical arguments o 1. The ontological argument Argument for god’s existence where you consider the concept of god’s existence Demonstrative argument: a deductive argument that has perfect information in it.
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Unformatted text preview: GCB = Greatest Conceivable Being • If God is the GCB then God is perfect If the GCB was only an idea, there would be a greater GCB (reduction formula) • Conclusion X • Assume X • Contradiction = absurdity o Prop P = True o ~P = false PHI 13:22:23 Jose Alvarez o Then concl. X must be true o 2. The cosmological argument Experience to existence Deductive argument • If premises are true then the conclusion has to be. o 3. The teleological argument The argument that is part of the foundation that the divine design is part of the intellectual theory The argument form design •...
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PHI_Notes_2.7.08 - GCB = Greatest Conceivable Being • If...

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